What Makes Vauzo Different?

Stunning Visual Design

"Stunning Design" isn't just about creating pretty pages. Its about leveraging the most respected web usability studies and latest trends to create something unique to the Intranet-as-a-Service industry. It makes your intranet's pages engaging and abundantly practical.

Page Management

Easily manage your sites pages. You have total control of your pages layout and attributes.

Blogging & News

Employee communication is a core component of any intranet and we’ve made it easy for empoyees to share information and collaborate.

Employee Directory

An online employee directory means you’ll never struggle to look up your colleges contact info or relevant information.

File Management

Documents shared amongst employees will always be in sync and easy to access.

Google Drive

Already using Google Drive? Automatically synchronize your Google Drive documents to your intranet.


No Intranet would be complete without an easy to use and easy to administer Frequently Asked Questions function.

Event Calendar

A central calendar is great way to ensure that all employees are aware of upcoming events and holidays.


Forums are the ultimate collaboration platform allowing employees to efficiently and effectively engage with one another .

Photo Galleries

Proudly share photos of your companies new product or last weekends big company picnic at the lake.


Polls are a great way to collect your employees sentiment on a wide array of topics.

Version Control

Accidents happens. Being able to roll back to a previous version of a page or blog post and be a life saver.


Automate processes to save time and human error. From employee PTO requests to enrollments.