Looking to see what we've been up to lately? This category will refer to all of our product information posts such as releases, patches and upcoming releases. Its a great place to stay up to date with recent updates to our product and get a glimpse of what new enhancements are in the pipeline.

Vauzo Intranet Software Public Beta is Here!

The Vauzo Corporation is thrilled to announce that the public beta release of VAUZO intranet software is now available.

Hello Users,

We are pleased to announce the release of Vauzo Business Software. This first public release (beta) is specifically being offered to you in an effort to compile and collect your valuable feedback before the official launch of our intranet software.  Vauzo hopes to use your feedback to make as many enhancements as possible to our intranet solutions.


Vauzo's Early Adopter Program - 35% Lifetime Discount!

As a member of the Early Adopter Program (EAP), your organization will play a pivotal role in the validation of upcoming system enhancements. You’ll have access to the newest enhancements in our development pipeline and also have the opportunity to provide suggestions on new solutions/components before they’re released, giving you a say in how the final solution turns out.

Beta features will not be added to your intranet, but you will have access to special beta site where you will be able to access new features before they are released.

You will also benefit from a dedicated expert from our product development team who will assist you during your pilot, initial rollout, and throughout the program.

Please click here for full details.

Social Intranet Software - Vauzo 5 Minute “No Fluff” Product Overview Video

Our five minute product demo dives right into to how to get things done with Vauzo. No marketing fluff or nonsense. Take 5 minutes now to learn how your company can leverage Vauzo's Intranet Solution to take your organization's communication and collaboration to the next level.



Hi, and welcome to a product overview of Vauzo's Intranet Solution.

To get started, let's login as Eric Blue, a typical intranet user.

In this quick overview, we'll be taking a look at an example intranet site that has been populated with demo content.

The Big 1.0 Release is Here!

Big News from Vauzo!


Vauzo Corporation is thrilled to announce that the official 1.0 release of Vauzo Social Intranet software is now available! After several months of beta testing and fine tuning, we’ve built an intranet solution that fiercely rivals even our most tenured competitors.


Vauzo Intranet is a cutting edge hosted intranet solution enabling your employees to collaborate and share information in a way that is fun and engaging.