Vauzo for Slack

Become a hero in the war against documentation.

You’re team is already in Slack right now. Add an intranet with wiki + knowledge base features. Prove once and for all that you take communication super seriously 🙂

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Vauzo boosts your team’s current Slack communications.

An Intranet/Wiki/Knowledge Base your team mates will actually use. One click and Slack content is saved in your Wiki.

Never Leave Slack!

Does you team really need another system to log in to? 100% of your intranet content can be accessed via simple Slack slash commands and are awesome slack bot.

1-Click Content Add

Simply click the star icon in Slack and the content is automatically added to your intranet. Optionally categorize it with another click.

Easy Search

Easily search your intranet content and view the results in Slack. Click the button next to your entry you’re looking for and instantly receive the full document.

Zero Configuration

Add the app to your Slack team and it “just works”. Advanced options can be set later, but the default options work great for teams wanting to start building their internal wiki/knowledge base today.

2 Minute Training Video

Our 2-minute quick-start training video is all your team members will need to become proficient in the main features of Vauzo. No need for lengthy training sessions.

Notifications People Actually See

Just published a new Holiday Calendar or Software Deployment Procedure? Your team members will see it right away and be able to comment about it right from Slack.

Best in class User Onboarding.

No one enjoys documenting, but everyone feels good about helping team members. We just added a button for that.

Try Vauzo free for 14 days.