5 Reasons Why You Need a Small Business Intranet

What if you could take the interactive flexibility of the World Wide Web and harness its awesome power for your business?
Sure. It sounds great. But is it possible? And if it’s possible, is it practical for your small business?
The answer to both questions is yes! Having your own small business intranet is possible and practical. But more importantly, it’s essential.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a small business intranet.

1. Enhanced Internal Communication & Coordination
If you are still using email to communicate with your staff, you understand just how difficult it can be to communicate a clear and consistent message to more than one person. Don’t even try to get everyone you’ve CC’d or BCC’d to come to any kind of consensus or your head might explode.
Remember, email is simply an electronic version of a typed letter. Both have their purpose but neither was ever meant to be a tool for having a dialog with a group of people. You are asking too much from your email system when you need broader, more effective communication. Intranets allow you to broadcast your message widely and receive effective participation in an actual online discussion.

2. Improved Knowledge Sharing
Small business intranets might just be the most powerful tool available for breaking down silos of knowledge within your organization. Because your intranet gives you the power of omnidirectional communication, everyone is connected to everyone else.
When everyone is effortlessly listening and talking to each other, silos get breached, hierarchies get flattened, cliques get broken up, and doorkeepers are bypassed. The result is an organization-wide sharing of knowledge that only your intranet can provide.

3. Increased Productivity
It follows logically that you will significantly increase your management and staff’s productivity with enhanced communication, seemingly effortless coordination, and improved knowledge sharing.
Remember how excited about how productive you were going to be when you got your brand new day planner? What about when you got your first office computer and sent your first email? Now imagine the level of company-wide productivity boost you’ll experience with a small business intranet.

4. Streamlined Reinforcement of Your Corporate Culture
Every business has a culture. It’s a delicate mixture of your company’s mission and the feeling that people have about working for your company. When you have instant access to your entire staff in one central intranet portal, you are in an excellent position to manage and reinforce your corporate culture.
In the past, owners and managers needed to schedule staff meetings to communicate a clear message to the entire staff. Now you can communicate your company’s message through blog posts, online newsletters, and convenient instant updates. Small business intranets make effective employee relations quick and easy.

5. Faster Adaptation to Change
Effective internal communication is one of the best ways to adapt to change in real-time. Having the ability to instantly communicate important news or a new directive to your entire organization is an unmatched leadership tool.
If your organization is still struggling to communicate with outdated email systems, unnecessary conference calls, and time-consuming meetings, you need a small business intranet.

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