5 Things to Consider When Building an Intranet

Deciding to build an intranet is easy. But, actually building an intranet takes thought, planning, and execution. Your underlying goal is to create something that everybody will use and that enables you to reach the goals you have set for your intranet.
If you aren’t clear on your underlying goals then you are headed for trouble. If you are building an intranet just because you think you should, you’re already in trouble. Not every company needs an intranet. And although there are low-cost solutions, the cost of investing in building an intranet may not be justifiable.

Here are 5 things to consider when building an intranet.

1. Understand Why You’re Are Building an Intranet
Quite simply, if you don’t know why you are building an intranet solution you shouldn’t build one. Knowing why you are building an intranet helps you make all of the crucial decisions involved. Those decisions include how much you want to spend, what type of functionality it will have, and how your new intranet will leverage existing systems. Understanding why you are building an intranet will also help you choose the best name for your intranet.

2. Create a Team Focused on Building an Intranet
Oh no! Not another committee! When it comes to building an intranet, creating a committee is unavoidable. That is if you want to do it right. Once you know the purpose your intranet will serve, it’s important that you assemble a team that has both the technical and practical knowledge to effectively steer the building of your intranet.

3. Make Your Intranet Security Bullet Proof
It is extremely important to protect your intranet from intrusion from individuals outside of your company. Not creating the proper level of security when building an intranet is like leaving the front door to your company open 24 hours a day.
You need a tough and secure firewall. The most important thing is security. Whether or not you have confidential information on your intranet doesn’t matter. You need whatever information accessible on your intranet secured from the outside world.

4. What Will Your Intranet Design Look Like
The visual design of your intranet is at least as important as the design of your corporate web page. By having a streamlined and intuitive interface, you’ll enhance your intranet’s ability to accomplish the objectives you had when you decided why you wanted to build an intranet in the first place. If you get the design wrong, you’ll know it. Adoption by your users will be slow, and ongoing usage will be less than what is necessary to justify your investment in building an intranet.

5. Plan Ahead for Training Users
Do not forget training. Sure, probably all of your employees regularly use the World Wide Web. But they have never used your intranet. That’s why you must train them to locate the information and documents they need. Remember that you are building an intranet for a business reason. Now you must explain that reason to your employees and motivate them to use your new intranet.

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