An Intranet CMS Unleashes Your Documents

The boring explanation of the function of an intranet CMS is that it is a system that is used to manage the content hosted on your intranet. But there is so much more to it than that. Your internet CMS is the powerhouse that supports all of the other features of your intranet.
The essential role of your company’s intranet CMS is to facilitate seamless collaboration. With it, you have the tools to create, manage, store, and deliver content and documents in any way that suits your company’s workflow and processes.
There are lots of ways to manage documents, such as using shared folders and servers. But there is no other system that gives you the power over your documents and the flexibility of how you use them like an intranet CMS

The Sad Life of the Average Document
Your company is constantly creating documents. All kinds of documents. There are reports, emails, marketing materials, presentations, calendars, memos, spreadsheets, and many other customized documents your employees need to do their job.
Once a document has been created it’s worthless if it can’t be easily used for its intended purpose. Too many otherwise useful documents live their lives tucked away on someone’s hard drive, server, or email inbox. If a document is lucky enough to be printed, it will probably spend months in a folder at the bottom of a stack of unread paperwork.
Your intranet CMS isn’t so much concerned with de-cluttering your inbox or your desk. Its real value lies in liberating your documents and putting them to work for you.

Finding & Sharing = Collaboration
It’s never a good thing when a member of your staff calls a colleague and asks, “Hey, did you get that report I emailed to you last week about today’s meeting?” And the other person replies, “What report?”
It’s actually much worse if they had replied “What meeting?” But you get the point. Dormant, inaccessible documents are not working for you. The more difficult it is for your staff to find and share documents, the more difficult it is for them to collaborate with each other.
An extremely valuable feature of your intranet CMS is its ability to make your documents easily indexable and searchable. The key word here is “easily.” Without understanding all of the mind-numbing coding that works behind the scenes, any member of your staff can create a document that is indexed and available for searching and retrieval.
When your staff can easily share a valuable document, the result is effective collaboration.

Document Centralization & Archiving
Document storage and archiving isn’t the sexiest feature of your intranet CMS, but you will come to appreciate it.
There are some types of documents that must be accessible all of the time and to everyone. Those might include HR documents and essential information about the company. There are other types of documents that need to be available on demand. Even if they aren’t often needed, you want to know where they are and how to get to them.
Your intranet CMS effortlessly handles both types of documents.

Can you think a few documents you wish you could find and share right now?
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