Corporate Intranet Basics

At its core, a corporate in intranet is your company’s website.
But that is where the definition begins. The real definition of a corporate intranet is not what it is, but what it can do.
Essentially, your intranet is a computer network that uses the same technology that the Internet uses to share information. The Internet shares information between organizations. Your intranet shares information within your organization.

Your Corporate Intranet Is a Collaboration Tool
Most companies struggle with collaboration. This is true regardless of their size or level of technological capacity. What makes things even more complicated is that every company has its own communication style. And every employee within that company has their own communication style.
That means that in order for your corporate intranet to function as an effective collaboration tool, it must have the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of corporate communication needs and personal styles.
When it works, it works well.
Executives, managers, staff, and even outside contractors have free and open access to each other. All of this cross-communication between individuals and between groups has a wide range of benefits.
People exchange best practices, thought silos are eliminated, and the self-interest of the individual actually benefits the organization as a whole.

Your Corporate Intranet Is a Document Management Tool
How we manage documents has changed radically in recent years. The shift from physical documents to electronic documents was seismic.
Huge file cabinets and document storage boxes were replaced with computer hard drives. Computer hard drives have been largely replaced by onsite network servers. Now, those onsite servers are giving way to cloud computing.
We started with physically handing a marked-up document to a colleague. Then we had the ability to track document changes in software like Microsoft Word. Now we have the ability to invite anyone, anywhere to join in on the modification of a document that sits securely in the cloud.

Your Corporate Intranet Is a Decision Making Tool
You make the best decisions when you have the best information. It’s not necessary to have all of the information available. It is only necessary to have the information you need.
When you don’t have an effecting intranet, the information you need may be locked in the files and minds of your employees. But when your employees can easily share their research, thoughts, and ideas you can tap into valuable information like never before.

Your Corporate Intranets Social Networking
Corporate intranets are not all work and no play. The exact same features that make collaboration, document management, and decision making easy also support socializing within your organization.
A full-featured intranet solution like Vauzo gives the people in your company the ability to interact not just as employees but also as individuals. They can personalize the theme they see on their screen. They can customize their “wall” so that it expresses their individuality. And they can have fun interacting within the same framework that they use for business.
These are just some of the basic features of a corporate intranet. To learn more and experience the power of Vauzo, sign up for a risk-free trial. It takes only 30 seconds to create a free account.

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