Finally! a Cost-Effective Web-Based Intranet Service

Back in the Stone Age when there was no World Wide Web, the 70s, businesses had it much tougher than they do now. Many were struggling with the challenges of controlling the costs of managing and sharing information within their organization.
In the 80s when personal computers and the Internet became universal, the amount of information businesses had to deal with skyrocketed. Still, there was no cost effective way to handle ever-growing amounts of information.
In the 90s, thanks to the development of web browsers, navigating the Internet became simpler. At the same time, the creation of digital documents increased dramatically. There was a strong push to eliminate paper documents in the office. This put an even greater burden on newly formed IT departments.

The Birth of the Intranet Service
It was in the 90s when the business world began to understand that the power of the young Internet had the potential to solve intra-organization connectivity issues just as it had solved the world’s inter-organization connectivity issues.
They saw that by using an intranet service, they would have the ability to coordinate and share information within their organizations. The result would be a level of knowledge sharing and collaboration that would boost productivity while cutting costs.
Still, after such a rapid growth in digital technology, only very large corporations had the resources to leverage that technology to enhance their internal communications. They had the financial ability to actually build their own intranet. And this was no small feat, even after the new millennium.
Corporations had to build their intranet from the ground up. They made huge investments in their IT infrastructure and capacity. They packed large servers in rooms with programmers who built intranets that were quickly outgrown.

The Intranet Revolution
It’s been said, without exaggeration, that a business’ intranet service is one of the most empowering and cost-effective technologies since the telephone. The telephone!
This high praise is earned because of the intranet’s ability to transform the way people work, learn, and process information. By making information readily available and documents extremely portable, businesses are able to dramatically reduce operating and maintenance costs while improving efficiency.

Cost-Effective Intranet Service Reaches Small Businesses
Only recently have small businesses been able to quickly and affordably deploy an intranet service that large corporations have enjoyed for many years.
You don’t need to invest in stacks of servers and a huge IT department. You don’t have to spend thousands leasing software and training users. All there is to do is to select a cloud-based intranet service that has the set of features that fits the needs of your business.
Signing up is easy. The cost fits comfortably within any budget. And deployment is instant compared to the time it used to take to build an intranet from the ground up. Intranet service providers like Vauzo have done all of the hard work for you.
If you are just starting to investigate the benefits of a company intranet, we are happy to answer your questions and give you a free test drive of our intranet service.

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