How Smart Is Your Intranet Software?

Whether you are currently planning your intranet or you have already built your intranet, it’s important for you to ask yourself one question: How smart is your intranet software? Because you have specific productivity and ROI goals for your intranet, you need the smartest intranet software available.
Here are a few characteristics of smart intranet software.

Dynamic Home Page
Much like the home page on your website, it helps to have a dynamic home page. Visitors to your home page decide whether or not to visit interior pages based on the information you present to them on the home page.
In the case of your intranet users, it is helpful to have a dynamic home page that presents them with the most important or most accessed information. By using intranet software that allows you to design and deploy a dynamic intranet home page, you are always able to keep your intranet fresh and useful.

Content Management
One of the core functions of your intranet is content management. That’s why your intranet software must have a powerful content management feature. It must be easy for content creators to upload and curate documents and other content. It must also be easy for users to quickly find the content they need.

Page Management
Your employees are not web designers, so you can’t expect them to create beautiful and functional intranet pages if your intranet software is complicated. The intranet software you choose should make page management easy.

Microsoft Office Integration
Having a standalone intranet makes no sense. It is crucial that your intranet software can be integrated with Microsoft Office. A high level of integration with the office software you are already using means that you can more easily achieve the goals you established for building an intranet, namely idea and content sharing.

Internet software with the capability of deploying polls is extremely helpful. There are few better ways to check the pulse of your organization than with a poll. If you’ve tried to conduct a poll in the past, you know how difficult it can be. Distributing paper forms, collecting them, and tallying the results is slow and burdensome. Directing your employees to a web-based polling website means that you’ll get fewer responses. To make polling easy and effective, choose intranet software with a poll feature.

Deploying intranet software that allows you to create groups yields instant benefits. Your company is already divided in groups based on their functions. Smart intranet software lets you create a separate space that is intentionally carved out for each existing group. Now they have a place to congregate and share.

Personalized Themes
The ability for your users to personalize their experience on your intranet is not just for fun. By being able to use personalized themes, your users subconsciously become connected to your intranet. Users who personalize their experience have moved to a higher level of adoption. You can count on them to use your intranet more and improve their efficiency.
So? How smart is your intranet? Vauzo’s Intranet Software has loads of “smartness” built in. Sign up for free and give us a try!

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