How to Choose the Right Intranet Provider

Update May 2014: After reading this post, be sure to check out our new Intranet Software Vendor List here.
You’ve decided that it’s time for your company to have its own intranet. Congratulations. You’ve made a forward-thinking decision. Your next step is choosing the right intranet provider.
The list of intranet providers is growing steadily as more and more executives realize that corporate intranets are becoming an essential tool for their enterprise.

So how do you decide which to choose?

Decide What Features Your Intranet Needs
Take a look at how your company operates. Then ask a few important questions. What is it that your staff must accomplish each day and how can you make it easier for them? What are your strategic goals and how can your new intranet provider help you reach them?
Those are all top-level questions that need good answers, but don’t forget the nuts and bolts questions. You need to be clear about the tasks that an intranet will help your staff complete. Be sure to get as much input as possible from the people who are responsible for completing those tasks.
There may also be some tasks that you would like your staff to complete but you don’t currently have the capacity. Will your new intranet solve that problem? Investigating all of these questions will help you create a comprehensive list of the essential features your intranet provider must offer.

Research Intranet Providers
Don’t choose us just because you’re reading this article on our website. We want you to practice what we’re preaching.
Invest some time in researching a few intranet providers. You’ll find that many offer the same basic features. But since you already know the features you want that may be beyond the basics, if a provider can’t easily meet your company’s needs, delete them from your short list.
After you have done your homework, you are ready to select a few vendors to more thoroughly investigate what they have to offer.

Ask for a Test Drive
An intranet provider that is confident in their product will be happy to give you a demonstration. Although, a webinar or a shared-screen guided tour are not the best ways to learn how new software will work for you. It’s best to spend a little time with it.
Ask for a test drive so that you can live with the software for a while. Take your time to decide if the package has the features you need. Make sure you understand your pricing options. Determine how long it will take to deploy in your organization. Get an understanding of how customizable and user friendly it is.
Choosing an intranet provider takes a bit of effort. But that effort pays big dividends. Consider adding Vauzo to your short list. We are delighted to have you spend as much time as you like using our software in your real world.
Our Intranet Software is free for up to 5 users. So jump in and see how Vauzo can transform your small business. There is no time limitation, and we don’t even require a credit card.

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