How to Evaluate Intranet Portal Software

Essentially, intranet portal software is the platform that unifies your employee’s access to all of your business’ information and online tools.
Every corporate intranet runs on intranet portal software. The number of software options is growing daily because providers know that more and more businesses like yours are seeking to harness the power of intranets.
With so many options out there, you may be wondering how you can possibly choose one software application over another. Asking the following questions within your organization will help make the decision process easier.

Are We Prepared to Implement Intranet Portal Software?
Preparation is extremely important. You are planning to create a centralized system that promises to amplify the productivity of your company like no other system has ever done before.
Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?
It is awesome. So you must be prepared. You must make sure that you have the right level of executive buy-in and sponsorship before proceeding. As with any other major project, if the company leaders aren’t in full support, you can expect lots of unnecessary challenges throughout the implementation process.

Who Is in Charge of the Implementation?
Putting an individual in charge of the implementation of your intranet portal software is just good project management practice. Someone must be responsible for all of the planning and organizing required for successful implementation.

What Intranet Capabilities Do We Need?
You must identify what capabilities you need in your intranet portal software. Look at how your business operates. Examine your strategic goals. Ask yourself what existing tasks will benefit from the software. What tasks would you like to accomplish but you currently can’t.
Also ask yourself what is your corporate culture like? Is it mostly formal? Is it casual and social? As you examine your software options, you’ll quickly see that these tools have features and capabilities that target different types of corporate cultures.
Make a list of all of the capabilities you need. Then make a list of all of the capabilities you would like to have but don’t necessarily need. And be sure to get input from people throughout your entire organization.

What Intranet Portal Software Capabilities Exist?

Intranet portal software capabilities include:

Ultra-Dynamic Home Pages

Content Management

Page Management

Navigation Management

File Repositories

System Searching





Image Galleries




Personalized Themes

MS Office Integration

Import from Sharepoint


Can We Try the Software for Free?
Your objective here is to try before you buy. You’ve done your homework, but you won’t really know how the internet portal software will work in your real world unless you try it. Many providers offer limited time trials. Some give limited access to features.
As you may have guessed by now, Vauzo is happy to let you kick our tires and take a free test drive.
We even go a step further than other providers. Our Basic Package is free for up to 5 users. So jump in in and see how Vauzo can transform your small business. There is no time limitation, and we don’t even require a credit card.
What are you waiting for?

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