How to Make Cloud-Based Intranet Software Work for You

Your cloud-based intranet software is a high-powered multi-purpose tool.
It is robust, scalable, and secure.
Still, you have to know what you need to accomplish before you select a tool.
Within your business you have communication and decision-making challenges that must be overcome so that you can meet your business objectives. To succeed, you need to the right tool.
First, you must decide what you want your intranet software to do for you. What are your practical objectives for your corporate intranet?
Here are a few functions that your internet can simplify:

Intranet Software as Publisher
There is a surprisingly large amount of basic information that employees need to know about your company. This information includes holiday schedules, employee directories, policies and procedures manuals, and health benefit information.
Without a corporate intranet, it’s someone’s responsibility to ensure that every employee has this information. That means whenever a new employee is hired, someone has to print out those documents, make copies, and physically distribute them. All of that effort takes up a huge amount of time.
Your cloud-based intranet software virtually eliminates the need to waste all of that time and effort. That person’s task is simplified down to directing new hires to the location on the intranet where the relevant documents are.
And when those documents need to be updated, there is never a need to physically redistribute them. All that is necessary is to republish them to the intranet and move on to another task.

Intranet Software as Toolbox
Another valuable function of intranet software is that it can serve as a collection of tools. Centralizing tools that facilitate common tasks saves time for everyone involved in the process. Staff can complete time sheets, fill out expense reports, schedule meetings, and reschedule meetings in a fraction of the time those tasks would take using traditional methods.

Intranet Software as Document Repository
When you need a document that you know you physically or electronically have access to, what do you do? You might try to convince yourself that you do have access to it and then spend time searching for it.
After you give up the physical search, you then search your hard drive. Then you search your server. Then you remember that someone emailed it to you last year. When you can’t find it there in your in-box, you start calling around the office to see if someone else has it.
An hour or two later, you’re sitting at your desk scratching your head and you are no closer to finding that document.
When all of your company’s important documents are easily accessible thanks to your cloud-based intranet software, you always have access to the documents you need. Whether it’s standard company forms or marketing collateral, you’ll always know where your documents are.

Internet Software as Connectivity Conduit
Connectivity is the underlying strength of your corporate intranet.
It is the one capability upon which all of the other functions and features rely. Productivity explodes when everyone in your office is connected to everyone else, and when everyone is connected to the information and documents they need, when they need them.
Think about the needs of your company. How can you make your cloud-based intranet software work for you?
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