Intranet Design Tips

If you have recently decided to deploy a social intranet to improve the workflow in your organization, or you are looking at making changes to your existing intranet, there are a few things you should consider about your intranet design.
Thanks to the existence of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, your employees have become savvy in the way they use the Internet. This means that your intranet has to have a respectable level of sophistication just to keep up with the expectations of your users.
Creating a sophisticated intranet design doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of money. It just means that you have to pay attention to a few elements of your intranet design to make sure it adds value to your employees and your company.
Here are a few intranet design tips for you to consider.

Plan a Clean and Easy to Navigate Design
Forget the huge, elaborate graphics and ridiculously bold design features. It’s great to make your design social, but that’s often less important to making sure your intranet design works efficiently.
The goal of your intranet design is to help users easily find relevant content. Consider adding frequently accessed pages to your home page. You can figure out what those pages are by using analytics to track usage.
Don’t forget your fonts. To make your intranet easier to navigate, make sure the font size you use for text and headlines are large enough to read for users. Remember that some of your users may not have the best eyesight. And when it comes to colors, of course it’s a good idea to brand your intranet design with your corporate colors. Still, you should limit the use of loud colors that detract from the messages you are trying to communicate and the information that is being shared.

Use All of the Functionality of Your Intranet Software
You’ve made an investment of time and money to design and create your intranet, so use its power. Many companies just deploy the essential features. But why not unleash the power of your intranet software? Listen to your users and give them what they want. Underutilized features include groups, blogging, polls, forums, personalized walls, and personalized themes.
The more of the functionalities that you use, the more important it is to make sure they are easily accessible and that they don’t clutter up your intranet design. When effectively implemented, your users will be motivated to get more use out of your intranet.

Optimize Navigation
How you label your navigation tabs and links makes a huge difference in the ability of users to navigate your site. If it’s difficult for your users to get the information they need, they’ll stop using their company’s intranet and go back to the old, inefficient way of doing things.
Here is where good intranet design comes in. Research shows that users typically go to the intranet to find other employees, to find documents they need to do their job, and to handle HR-related functions. So be sure to focus on making it easy for your users to use the features they use most.
When examining your intranet design, be sure to consider these tips. They will help you maximize the use of your intranet.

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