Vauzo’s Early Adopter Program – 35% Lifetime Discount!

As a member of the Early Adopter Program (EAP), your organization will play a pivotal role in the validation of upcoming system enhancements. You’ll have access to the newest enhancements in our development pipeline and also have the opportunity to provide suggestions on new solutions/components before they’re released, giving you a say in how the final solution turns out. Beta … Read More

The Big 1.0 Release is Here!

Big News from Vauzo!   Vauzo Corporation is thrilled to announce that the official 1.0 release of Vauzo Social Intranet software is now available! After several months of beta testing and fine tuning, we’ve built an intranet solution that fiercely rivals even our most tenured competitors.   Vauzo Intranet is a cutting edge hosted intranet solution enabling your employees to … Read More

Social Intranet Software – Vauzo 5 Minute “No Fluff” Product Overview Video

Our five minute product demo dives right into to how to get things done with Vauzo. No marketing fluff or nonsense. Take 5 minutes now to learn how your company can leverage Vauzo’s Intranet Solution to take your organization’s communication and collaboration to the next level.   Transcript: Hi, and welcome to a product overview of Vauzo’s Intranet Solution. To … Read More

Intranet Software Vendor List

Vauzo’s Product Development team is excited to announce that we will be making our intranet software vendor comparison matrix available on our website at: We hope that this resource will help companies who are struggling to short list the many social intranet vendors that offer their software user the sofware as a service (SAAS) model. It includes a list … Read More

Part 1: Office 365 / Sharepoint Online Review

Today we’ll be starting our review of the latest version of Sharepoint Online. We’ll be blogging along the way, but our ultimate goal is to populate our Intranet Software Vendor Matrix with valuable information for organizations thinking about implementing a new intranet tool. If you are, you may already know that there are a plethora of intranet software vendors out … Read More

Team Collaboration Software Changes Everything

A mature corporate intranet is one that’s based on robust team collaboration software. It’s an extremely effective tool for transforming the way individuals and groups within your company work together. Individual members of project teams, departments, and committees can work together in a way that was impossible prior to development of innovative team collaboration software like Vauzo.   The Collaborative … Read More

How to Choose the Right Intranet Provider

Update May 2014: After reading this post, be sure to check out our new Intranet Software Vendor List here. You’ve decided that it’s time for your company to have its own intranet. Congratulations. You’ve made a forward-thinking decision. Your next step is choosing the right intranet provider. The list of intranet providers is growing steadily as more and more executives … Read More

How Smart Is Your Intranet Software?

Whether you are currently planning your intranet or you have already built your intranet, it’s important for you to ask yourself one question: How smart is your intranet software? Because you have specific productivity and ROI goals for your intranet, you need the smartest intranet software available. Here are a few characteristics of smart intranet software. Dynamic Home Page Much … Read More

Unleash the Power of Your Intranet Software

When you unleash the power of your intranet software, you unleash the power of your company. After all, isn’t that the reason you decided to use intranet software in the first place? Intranet software transforms the way employees and teams communicate. It also revolutionizes the way documents are shared and how decisions are made. When everyone within your organizations is … Read More

What is an Intranet?

You’ve heard the term “intranet” floating around in conversations with your colleagues, but you might not be completely clear what an intranet is. And you may also not have a clear understanding of how you can use an intranet to streamline your internal communications and boost productivity. Here is your chance to learn the basics of what you need to … Read More