Part 1: Office 365 / Sharepoint Online Review

Today we’ll be starting our review of the latest version of Sharepoint Online. We’ll be blogging along the way, but our ultimate goal is to populate our Intranet Software Vendor Matrix with valuable information for organizations thinking about implementing a new intranet tool. If you are, you may already know that there are a plethora of intranet software vendors out there. Sharepoint is the market share leader, so its important to cover it throughly, which we will be doing.
Signing up for Sharepoint Online / Office 365
First off, the signup process was a little confusing. Sharepoint Online doesn’t offer a free version. We had to use a credit card to buy a single license in order to access sharepoint online. We started out thinking we were signing up for Sharepoint Online, but somewhere along the way, the logos and help text changed to “Office 365”. I guess they are the same thing? Not 100% sure on that yet but will keep you posted…
We also had some technical errors trying to use our existing microsoft live account. After 20 minutes of spinning our wheels with password resets and internet searches to solve the problem, we ended up just creating a new account, UGH!
Once we finally got in, we see the image above. A big empty site with lots of yummy documentation to chew on. So we’re off the do some reading, see you in a bit!

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