Team Collaboration Software Changes Everything

A mature corporate intranet is one that’s based on robust team collaboration software. It’s an extremely effective tool for transforming the way individuals and groups within your company work together.
Individual members of project teams, departments, and committees can work together in a way that was impossible prior to development of innovative team collaboration software like Vauzo.

The Collaborative Nightmare
No matter how well you “work with others,” the quality of the communication tools you use determines the quality of your team’s output. Group processes that rely on paper documents, or electronic documents that are emailed back and forth, are easily derailed by no fault of anyone in the group.
You’ve undoubtedly had the experience of working on a project with a group of people charged with producing a document with extremely short notice. Perhaps it was a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting that determined the future of your company.
Someone sends the group an email containing the first draft. Two people respond by emailing everyone a draft with only their changes. Then three people make their own edits (but to which draft?) and resend the presentation to everyone.
Of course it never occurred to anyone in the group to rename the draft of the document they sent. It wouldn’t even have mattered because not everyone’s edits are in all of the files anyway.
Now everyone has several drafts with untraceable edits. Which is the final version of the PowerPoint document? Nobody knows. And you have the pleasure of giving a presentation using an incomplete or incorrect version.
Luckily, your charm saves the day. But you’ve ruined your pants.
Yeah. It’s a nightmare and it happens all of the time.

Team Collaboration Software Comes to the Rescue
The purpose of team collaboration software is to improve a team’s ability to collaborate. This tool transforms the way documents are shared and how each member of the team communicates with each of the other members.
True collaboration requires the team to work in a coordinated manner toward a common goal. Throughout the process, team collaboration software gives each member of the team the ability to contribute to the process. The tool also enables the team to make the decisions necessary to reach their common goal.
The most useful team collaboration software supports innovation and drives business outcomes and has the following benefits:

Ease of Communication
Omnidirectional communication capabilities allow for integrated real-time conversation and not just a broadcast of information.

Ease of File Sharing
The definition of file sharing has changed completely. You no longer share files with the team. Now the team shares a file. Confusion is eliminated when there is only one document for the team to edit.

Ease of Decision Making
Team members make constant decisions as they work towards their goal. Regardless of the nature of the team’s final output, team collaboration software gives each member the tools to make informed decisions.
Enhance your company’s productivity by getting your teams on the same page at the same time. Team collaboration software is the solution.

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