The Intranet Solution for Communication Roadblocks

A huge amount of the success of your company depends on the effectiveness of your internal communication pathways. To properly leverage your communication, you need a powerful intranet solution.
This isn’t true just because we are in the Information Age. And it isn’t true just because we have so much affordable technology available to us. It’s true because it’s true.
A major problem in most businesses is that they rely on fractured, outdated, and hierarchal communication pathways. Information must move freely throughout your organization so that everyone can use the bits they need to do their job better and more efficiently.
No matter what your business does, you can enhance your communication flow with the right intranet solution. Here are three areas where your intranet will breakdown communication roadblocks and turbocharge your company’s productivity.

Company-Wide Communication
Company-wide communication is an important stabilizing force. There are many types of information that must reach your entire organization easily, consistently, simultaneously, and accurately.
Whether you are sharing a message from the CEO, announcing important company news, or posting to a weekly company blog, your internet solution helps you work smarter. It allows you to achieve the objectives of clear, consistent, and universal communication to everyone in your organization.
Sure, it’s still the traditional “top-down” information flow. That’s necessary stuff. But it feels more inclusive to the reader, and it’s easier to distribute.

Department-Wide Communication
Department-wide communication moves your business forward. This is the information your employees use to plan, make decisions, and evaluate their work.
Not everyone in your company needs all of the information shared within your company. The right intranet solution lets you empower departments and groups to share the information they need among themselves.
You can create spaces on your intranet that make sense based on your department functions or your organizational chart.
For instance, your sales, IT, facilities, HR, and R&D teams can have their own area to share information that is important to their individual departments. If you have multiple retail stores or offices in different parts of the country, each location can have its own area to share information specific to that location.

Employee-to-Employee Communication
The next generations of employees are growing up in a culture that values sharing information they find important to their lives. Sometimes that information is business related. Sometimes that information is social.
There are at least two forms of employee-to-employee communication. They are arguably of equal importance.

This is the form of employee-to-employee communication that is most focused on when considering deploying an intranet solution. Intranets work so well because they give your teams the ability to collaborate more easily.
Your intranet solution allows your team to share the information they need and communicate in a manner that helps them make better decisions,

Social Networking
Remember that your employees are human beings that require social interaction. Your internet solution must take that into consideration. Let it be your internal social media tool that supports meaningful relationships between your employees.
Let us know when you need help breaking through your communication roadblocks. Vauzo’s Social Intranet Solution was designed to directly address the various communication challenges faced by today’s organizations.

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