The Secret to Creating a Successful Social Intranet

Effective social networking for businesses means having an effective social intranet.
If you think that social networking is only about sharing family photos and random information about your life on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, you couldn’t be more wrong.
Whether you know it or not, there’s a social network that already exists within your business.
Social networking is communication.
In today’s world, that means continuous conversation that is direct, unfiltered, and unmediated. When this type of free-flowing communication exists within your organization between departments, managers, and staff you have a successful social intranet.

Hanging out at the Water Cooler
For those old enough to get this reference, you know where this post is heading. It’s possibly true that the oldest small business intranet was the company water cooler.
That’s where employees gathered to find out what’s going on in the company. It was a place where they also developed personal relationships.
Today, break rooms, cork boards, carpools, and even smoking areas serve the same function. It’s also likely that you have an “office gossip” to help spread “important” information from person to person.

Bring Your Social Intranet Online
You wouldn’t still be reading this post if you believed that your business is getting along fine with its casual and fragmented offline socializing. Internal communications to your staff and between your staff is usually inefficient and often confusing. This bogs your business down.
With such powerful intranet technology easily available to small business owners, why wouldn’t you bring your existing offline social intranet into the 21st century online world?
Take it to the cloud.

So What’s the Secret?
The answer is simple just like most answers to seemingly difficult questions. Make using your social intranet easy to use.
For now, let’s forget the details of setting up and launching your intranet. That part is not as complicated as it once was thanks to cloud-based intranet portal software like Vauzo. Let’s focus on what really matters when you ask your management and staff to actually start using your new social intranet.

Take Time to Master the Features of Your Social Intranet
If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to take a test drive of Vauzo. Our cloud-based social intranet platform has tons of powerful tools and features. And as the Spider-Man movie franchise will continue to tell us year after year: “With great power comes great responsibility.”
Of course most of the people who will be using your intranet will already have lots of experience with getting online and navigating websites. However, you might be surprised at how many of them have little or no experience with the type of navigation and social interaction built into your intranet.
Just like with any new tools you will need to invest a bit of time in helping everyone understand the value of the system. Once they know how it will increase their productivity and enhance their role in the organization, they will take a personal interest in leveraging all the features.
You’ve created a successful social intranet once your management and staff have personally invested in an easy to use system.
Try Vauzo’s Social Intranet for free!

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