Unleash the Power of Your Intranet Software

When you unleash the power of your intranet software, you unleash the power of your company. After all, isn’t that the reason you decided to use intranet software in the first place?
Intranet software transforms the way employees and teams communicate. It also revolutionizes the way documents are shared and how decisions are made. When everyone within your organizations is operating on the same intranet software platform, all collaborating with each other, all aware of each other’s expertise, and working seamlessly with each other you’ve supercharged your company.

Intranet Software Supercharges Collaboration
Remember, when you are choosing which intranet software to use, you are building an intranet that will enhance the productivity of your employees while also generating a measurable ROI. One of your primary goals is to facilitate and increase collaboration.
Effective collaboration exists when a team or group of employees are enabled to effectively communicate with each other and move toward a common goal. Your intranet software is the platform for this level of communication and collaboration.
Let’s take a look at how your intranet software supercharges collaboration and the productivity of your company.

Supercharge Internal Communication
Using email to communicate with groups of people is ineffective and outmoded. Intranet software supercharges internal communication by enabling real-time conversations. You are no longer stuck broadcasting messages and trying to follow the right email reply chain. With your intranet software, you can have productive online conversations.

Supercharge File Sharing
Intranet software supercharges file sharing. Emailing files and searching a network drives for files are extremely inefficient file-sharing methods. Having a file repository gives users fast and easy access to the files they need. Also, the ability for groups of people to work on a shared file makes collaboration a much more streamlined process.

Supercharge Knowledge Sharing
When you only had a few employees, you could all sit down at a table and casually share ideas and knowledge. Now that your business has grown, it’s much more difficult to share knowledge between individuals, teams, and departments. Intranet software supercharges knowledge sharing by allowing omnidirectional communication that connects everyone to everyone.

Supercharge Decision Making
Intranet software supercharges decision making by empowering a team to maintain a high level of communication and collaboration. When everyone on a team has the same information as everyone else on the team, the decision-making process becomes less cumbersome and more efficient.

Supercharge Productivity
The overall effect of the power of intranet software is to increase the productivity of each user. The cumulative effect of individual increases in productivity is that the productivity of your entire organization is supercharged.

The Powers of Your Intranet Software
Unleashing the power of your intranet software means effectively utilizing the available features. It might not make sense for you to use every feature, but be sure to explore and implement the features that enhance the productivity of your company.
Here are some of the powerful features of your intranet software:

Ultra-Dynamic Home Pages

Content Management

Page Management

Navigation Management

File Repositories

System Searching





Image Galleries




Personalized Themes

Microsoft Office Integration

Import from Sharepoint

Don’t waste the powers of your intranet software. Unleash them – try Vauzo’s Intranet Software today for free!

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