Vauzo Intranet Software Public Beta is Here!

The Vauzo Corporation is thrilled to announce that the public beta release of VAUZO intranet software is now available.
Hello Users,
We are pleased to announce the release of Vauzo Business Software. This first public release (beta) is specifically being offered to you in an effort to compile and collect your valuable feedback before the official launch of our intranet software.  Vauzo hopes to use your feedback to make as many enhancements as possible to our intranet solutions.
What’s special about Vauzo – Vauzo is a hosted or locally installed intranet solution that has been built from the ground up using responsive web technologies. This means that your content administrators will build each page only once and our software automatically generates a page that is optimized 4 different viewing resolutions:

Large Desktop


Tablet (iPad, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, etc)

Smart Phone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, HTC One, etc)

The non-desktop versions are not stripped of any content or functionality. The layout is simply altered- menus are collapsed (but still expandable), images are resized, multiple columns are combined, etc. The end result is that anyone within your company can easily find relevant information and files whether they are at their desk, on the road with their trusty laptop, or need to look up the latest operations report while in a meeting using a smart phone.
Drag And Drop – Pages are built using web-based drag and drop technologies so that your organization’s content administrators will be delivering content to your organization with minimal learning curve.
Administrative Section – it doesn’t exist! There is not a separate “Admin Section” of the site that your users have to figure out how to access and learn to use. If you want to edit a page, you simply navigate to that page and click the gear icon located on the upper right corner of every page. The editing features of our intranet software are clear and intuitive.
Immediately Available – Our quick registration process will have you logged into to your new intranet within 60 seconds. You’ll be sharing information, files and collaborating with colleges right away – your intranet solution is built from starter kit which includes a dynamic home page, company news, employee directory, and document repository. This beta release is immediately available and works on all modern browsers, so there is no software to install. Click here to sign up now.

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