What is an Intranet?

You’ve heard the term “intranet” floating around in conversations with your colleagues, but you might not be completely clear what an intranet is. And you may also not have a clear understanding of how you can use an intranet to streamline your internal communications and boost productivity.
Here is your chance to learn the basics of what you need to know. So just was is an intranet?

The Basic Answer
What is an intranet? The simplest answer is that an intranet is an internal company website that helps employees get things done faster and better. Now if anyone asks you what an intranet is, that’s all you need to tell them. Sure, you can go into much more detail and use lots of technical terms, but this short answer clearly communicates what an intranet is.
To make the answer even more clear, let’s compare the public Internet to a company’s intranet. The Intranet connects businesses and people to millions of websites and networks all across the world. A company intranet is a website that connects your employees with each other.

The Technical Answer
OK, just for fun let’s look at a technical answer to the question: What is an Intranet? An intranet is your company’s internal, private, and secured business environment that uses HTML as well as TCIP protocols just like the public Internet. The primary difference is that it operates on a LAN (local area network). If your intranet allows access to the Internet, then it is protected from unauthorized access by a powerful firewall.
Unlike a basic LAN, an intranet does not require that all of the connected computers be in the same building. Because all of your connected computers rely on public TCIP protocols, employees connected to an intranet can be anywhere in the world.

The Practical Answer
Now that you have a basic understanding of what an intranet is, and a technical understanding of what an intranet is, you need a practical answer. This is answer you can use to help you describe the value of an intranet to your colleagues.
An intranet is a company’s private Internet. It is a customized, interactive environment with Internet-like navigation and functionality. It can be as basic or as comprehensive as it needs to be.
Just like the Internet has given us the power to streamline communication and allow information to be curated and retrieved quickly, intranets focus that power on business functions. Essentially, an intranet enables businesses to centralize and organize information in one place. Once this is done, employees can quickly and easily locate and share information in real time. It doesn’t matter what the information is. It’s all accessible, allowing new levels of communication and collaboration.

Why Your Company Needs an Intranet
If yours is like most companies, it struggles with effective collaboration among employees and different levels of management. By giving executives, managers, and staff easy access to each other and corporate information you supercharge cross-communication and collaboration.
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